Generator Renting

We offer a wide range of gensets on rent for short and long term to suit business needs and requirements. We provide generator sets from 5 to 750 KVA.
Why should you rent gensets?
Renting gensets make a lot of sense owing to these factors:
  • No need to make huge investments for aquiring the generating sets.
  • Establishing a new enterprise needs more cash flow for the production rather than capital investment.
  • Instant expansion can demand the instant growth for power requirement.
  • Process industry requires backup for critical loads.
  • You have a need for short term additional power.
  • SEB supply is not immediately available.
  • Seasonal requirements for additional power.
  • Inconsistent and poor quality SEB power.
  • Limit your maximum demand with SEBs.
  • Need for limited power during your planned plant shut downs.

Even brand new generating sets are available for long term commitments (atleast 3 years).

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